See Mercantec’s mission, vision and values below.

Mercantec’s mission
Mercantec is a place where young people are formed, educated and developed, and where adults, companies and organisations evolve and acquire skills.

We invest our students with the energy and desire for lifelong development, both professional and personal.

We make sure that society possesses the necessary expertise in the fields of vocational basic and continuing education.

Mercantec’s vision
Mercantec aims to be the market’s educational institution of choice for young people and adults when it comes to vocational education courses, vocational high schools and continuing professional development.

It is our objective to refine and expand the range and combination of technical and commercial courses in an attractive and inspirational educational environment.

Mercantec’s values


  • We match the expectations we encounter in our interaction with each other, apprentices, course participants, students, companies and other collaborators.
  • They all contribute to the success of Mercantec. Each in their own way depends on job function and organisational placement.
  • They all work actively to provide Mercantec with a positive image.
    We create powerful academic environments for the benefit of everyone in and around Mercantec.


Role model

  • We are role models for young people, and our commitment and motivation have a positive impact on their commitment to, and motivation for learning.
  • At Mercantec we commit to binding relationships: internally, in relation to colleagues; externally, in relation to apprentices, course participants, students, companies and other collaborators.
  • At Mercantec we treat each other with respect.
    We regard diversity as a strength and as a major catalyst for the evolution of the school.



  • We take care of each other and of any people who come into contact with our organisation.
  • By concentrating on wellbeing and mutual trust we create a positive educational and working environment.
  • We are attentive and empathetic, creating a positive setting for staff, apprentices, students and course participants.
  • Mercantec is conscious of its social responsibility as a school and as a major local workplace.



  • We are at the forefront of the future and create an attractive school aimed at the formation, education and development of young people and at the sustainable, life-long competency development of companies and adults.
  • We aim to be different, innovative and experimental.
  • There is room for offbeat ideas and we dare to think outside the box.
  • Constructively and positively we challenge our surroundings and create remarkable results.